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The General Assembly is the supreme body of Slovak Scouting (SLSK). It takes place every three years.


The General Assembly is the supreme body of Slovak Scouting (SLSK). It takes place every three years and determines the strategy for developing and achieving the organisation's goals. Its delegates elect the Chief Scout/Guide along with the other members of the National Board and the composition of the independent and impartial Review and Conciliation Council.

The following make up the General Assembly
and are entitled to vote on it:

  • members of the National Board of the SLSK
  • Chairman of the Review Committee
  • Chairman of the Conciliation Committee
  • scout district leaders
  • scout group leaders
  • bearers of the Silver Wolf and Silver Shamrock Orders (highest awards in SLSK)
  • Chief Captain of the water scouts
  • representatives of educational teams*
  • other members of the given scout group*
  • foreign commissioners for WOSM and WAGGGS

The XIX. General Assembly will take place in Ružomberok at a catholic university from 20. to 22. October 2023. The start is Friday at 19:00. Registration will occur in the Jána Pavla II Hall, Hrabovská cesta 1652/1, from 17:00 to 19:00. The end is planned for Sunday around 13:00. More detailed information can be found in the programme.

How to get
to the site?

By foot from the bus and train stations, it’s about half an hour to the building. However, there are two buses you can choose from.

Whether starting from the bus or train station, you must get to a bus stop called “Železničná stanica” (Train station). It’s located in front of the blue building of the railway station. You’ll be getting on bus number 3 to “Čutkovská dolina”. Your stop is called “Katolícka Univerzita” (Catholic University). From there, you should continue walking for about 5 minutes in the same direction as your bus. Soon, you’ll encounter a big yellow building. There will be arrows pointing from the main entrance (maybe even on the fence) to guide you, and our volunteers will assist you, too. 

The other bus starts from the same spot (Železničná stanica), and its number is 5, “ŽST Rybárpole”. Your stop is the last one - “ŽST Rybárpole”. From there, it’s a 10-minute walk to the site. You must go towards the railway, cross it and then cross the river to get to the main road. Our building should be right in front of you.

If you get lost or need help, call the numbers listed below in “Contacts”.


All international guests will stay at the guesthouse Malino located at Hrabovská cesta 1677/29, 034 01 Ružomberok. Each room comes with its own bathroom, LCD TV, internet access, and parking. The guesthouse is around 15 minutes away from the main site. The lodging is all paid for by SLSK. 

Food and the special programme

The food for Saturday and Sunday is taken care of by SLSK. Friday’s dinner is not included. There will be three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. 

During the stay, you will have the opportunity to explore Ružomberok and its surroundings with our volunteers from the International Committee. This unique programme should help you better understand and get to know Slovakia as well as SLSK. :) You’ll learn more about this at the event. 

Friday 20.10.

17:00 Opening of the building and start of registration, accommodation of Assembly participants.
19:00 Completion of registration and organisational instructions with delegates for the Assembly – rules of procedure and their explanation.

Ceremonial opening of the XIX. Scout Assembly of Slovak Scouting in the auditorium:

  • scout anthem,
  • Welcoming delegates and guests by the Chief Scout and bearers of the Order of the Silver Wolf and the Silver Shamrock
  • determining the quorum of the assembly and introducing the recorder,
  • presentation of the rules of procedure,
  • program approval,
  • Elections of bodies of the Assembly:
    • Mandate Commission (minimum 3 members),

    • Proposal Commission (minimum 3 members),

    • Electoral Commission (minimum 3 members),

    • two verifiers of the minutes,

  • Awarding the Order of the Silver Wolf and introducing new and future instructors.
20:30 Questions on the activities of national bodies – National Board, committees, commissions and the Headquarters of Slovak Scouting and review of the resolutions of previous Scout Assemblies.
21:30 Approval of the National Board’s, management, and Review Committee reports.
22:00 End of meeting.

Saturday 21.10.

7:00 Wake-up call and breakfast.
8:00 Address of the Assembly organisers and welcoming of the guests and their speeches.

Round tables – extensive moderated discussions on the following topics:

  • National Board Transformation,
  • How to work with visual identity,
  • Strategy 2030 priority 1,
  • Strategy 2030 priority 2,
  • Strategy 2030 priority 3,
  • Strategy 2030 priority 4,
  • Block with WOSM and WAGGGS – Safe from Harm,
  • Assessing the quality of troops and groups – an inspiring workshop for leaders.

Coffee, tea break.

11:00 Discussion and voting on changes to the Constitution of Scouting Slovakia.
13:00 Lunch.
14:30 Break.
15:00 Discussion and voting on changes to the Constitution of Scouting Slovakia.
16:00 Adjustment of the rules of procedure according to changes to the Constitution of Scouting Slovakia.
16:45 Break.
17:00 Approval of the 2030 Strategy of Scouting Slovakia.
18:00 Dinner.
19:30 Spustenie prihlasovania na CEJ 2024.
20:00 Start of registration for Central European Jamboree 2024.
22:00 Social program.

Sunday 22.10.

7:00 Mass.
8:00 Breakfast.
9:00 Elections for the elected positions in Scouting Slovakia.
10:00 Adoption of resolutions of the Diet.
11:00 Presentation of scout awards, honours, and the highest Eagle Scout program award.
12:00 Announcement of election results and speech of the new Chief Scout/Guide.
12:30 Ceremonial closing of the XIX. General Assembly and the scout anthem.
13:00 Lunch.


Please save the phone numbers for at least two contact persons.

IC for WOSM (Peter Banci):, +421 904 842 431

IC for WAGGGS (Mariana Dendisová):, +421 950 729 441

International secretary (Viera Lukáčová), +421 949 117 472

Chief Commissioner (Barbora Müllerová):, +420 731 564 447

Basic info

Ružomberok Slovakia

20. - 22.



20. - 22. October 2023

Map of all important places of the XIX. General Assembly. You can see the parliament on Google maps.